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Pratibha Patil in purdah system controversy

Indian presidential candidate Pratibha Patil says veil adopted to protect Indian women from Mughal invaders; historians say she’s wrong. BY OUR POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT June 19, 2007 The presidential candidate of the UPA and the Left parties, Pratibha Patil, shocked historians and muslim social activists by saying that the purdah (veil) system started in India with the advent of the Mughal invaders. Patil made the controversial remark in Udaipur at the 467th birth anniversary of Maharana Pratap. According to news reports, Patil commented that Indian culture always respected women, but the veil system was introduced to protect Indian women from the Mughal invaders. We had the concept of purdah to protect women from Mughal invaders. So, they stayed indoors and were veiled, Patil is reported to have said. Today we are citizens of free India. There is need to put a stop to such practices. That alone will ensure real respect for women. When women are progressi…

Know Pratibha Patil – President of India

India is going to elect a new President — her 13th since 1952 — on July 19, 2007 . It is an indirect election, insofar as the President is elected not by the general electorate but by an electoral college comprising 776 Members of Parliament and 4896 Members of State Legislatures.

Even though the people do not elect the Rashtrapati, they have a vital stake in the Presidential poll since the winner will become Head of the Republic of India . They have a right to know whether the likely winner is worthy of becoming the Head of State of the world’s largest democracy. They would also be looking into the implementation of They need to know whether the person embodies, as far as possible, the lofty ideals enshrined in the Constitution of India, of which he or she will be the Custodian, or he/she will be a rubber-stamp of those who have catapulted him/her to the high office.

This need to know about the antecedents of the likely winner in the forthcoming Presidential election has assumed menaci…